Bobbie Bannings

Nosy reporter of the Templeton Courier trying to prove herself


Strength 7 2d+1
Agility 7 2d+1
Awareness 9 3d+0
Health 7 2d+1
Will 10 3d+1
Fate 3 1d+0

Law +1d
Diplomacy +2d
Tracking +0d
Reporter +2d
Firearms (Rifle) +1d
Land Vehicles +0d


Weakness (Will) – driven by career

Enemy (Minor)


As men went to fight in Europe and the Pacific, women found the opportunity for new jobs and occupations. Bobbie Bannings filled a void at the Templeton Courier’s Newsroom. She began her career by covering games in Michigan and Wisconsin of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, as no other reporter wanted the job. She wrote several editorials about making the games more like baseball and about starting some local Nebraska teams, she she showed some unexpected savvy about baseball and sports. She also covered local college and high school sporting events.

At the end of World War II, Bobbie was worried she would lose her job to the returning soldiers. Her duties have been reduced, and she now follows the Templeton Knights and reports on the games. She feels she is in a precarious position, and that her job could be taken from her at any time. She needs some big story to keep working for the Courier, or maybe even get a better job out in New York City. And she won’t find something like that following around a baseball team… or will she?

Bobbie Bannings

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