About Minor League Baseball

Minor League Baseball is professional baseball, competing at the level just under Major League Baseball (MLB). Many of the leagues of the minors are associated with one MLB team. The MLB uses the minor leagues to gauge talents, and develop players. However, for the purpose of “Left Field” our imaginary Midwest League is an independent league, and is not operated in conjunction with MLB. These independent leagues are also known as “outlaw leagues” because of their position outside the normal operating laws of baseball.

Spring training, which lasts the month of March and sometimes longer, is a period of practice and exhibition games preceding the start of the regular season. It’s also when new players audition for roster and position spots.

After Spring training, the regular season starts, usually in April. A team will travel from one town to the next, playing multiple games over the span of several days against the same opponent.

Your character is a player of the newly formed Templeton Knights (located in Nebraska), part of the fictional Midwest League. Both the team and the league are new, created from the popularity boom baseball experienced after the war. This will be the first year for the league.

About Minor League Baseball

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