Subject to change as I play around with plugins and my code

First, you’ll need to download the lastest version of OpenRPG, which is currently at 1.80. You can find it by going to Both the Linux version and Windows version are available at that page. When you install them, it will install Python 2.6 as well.

Go through the installation, and accept all of the default options.

When you first start OpenRPG, you’ll get a screen like the one below. You may not get all of the text until after you make selections in the drop down box.

(Linux users, you are on your own here, but I’m pretty sure all the options are still the same.)

Make sure that Current Version is set to Release on the first drop-down box, and then select the most recent version in the second drop-down box. Then uncheck Full Auto Update and Auto Bug Fix Update. When your settings are in place, click the “Update Now” button to get all of the recent files. We won’t be updating after this, because I’ve modified some of the files, and we don’t want OpenRPG auto-updating and overwriting them. So after this, you’ll click Skip Updates to start OpenRPG.

After it’s updated and OpenRPG has started, we will turn on some of the built-in plugins and change some settings.

Go to the menu Plugins and select Control Panel. From the list, select OOC Comments Tool and click Enable and Autostart so that it automatically starts every time you run OpenRPG. Close the Plugin Control Panel when you are finished.

Now go to the menu Chat, then Chat Settings, then Chat Window. There, make sure that Show Images is checked.

Finally we’ll install my modified code. First, close down the OpenRPG program. If you don’t have my patch file already, you can grab the file here [36K, updated 17 Sep 2009]. Go to your OpenRPG directory (on Windows, it’s C:\program files\OpenRPG\) and create a new directory. Uncompress the contents of the RAR file into your new directory, and then run

Now you can run OpenRPG again! Remember, you must turn off the auto updates! Click the Skip Updates button to start Open RPG.

With OpenRPG up and running, you should probably take a look at how to roll dice and use the chatting features.


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