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The year is 1947.

Jackie Robinson ends the baseball color line when he plays for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Frank Sinatra sings “Always” and Groucho Marx starts his new radio show “You Bet Your Life.” The first commercial microwaves ovens – the 750 pound Radarange – enter the market. “Meet the Press” makes its television debut on NBC. The House Committee on Un-American Activities is in full swing, leading to the Hollywood blacklist.

Background Information

You don’t have to know all of the background information by heart to play, but it should help you understand more about America in 1947. Some of the historical information is fact, and some of it is fiction. Of course, as far as your characters are concerned, it is all fact to them.

Character Creation

Notable People


  • EABA Lite – a free “lite” version of EABA. (link goes off-site)
  • NebraskaStudies.Org – an excellent source of first-hand accounts from folks in Nebraska during World War II. (link goes off-site)
  • Farm Life in the 1940s – another great source of first-hand accounts of life in Nebraska during and after World War II. (link goes off-site)
  • Unofficial EABA Wiki (link goes off-site)

Main Page

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