The characters in Left Field do not have any Powers. They are supposed to be more-or-less average people that tend to find trouble. However, you can buy the Gifted Trait. The Trait is worth 10A, and allows the character to have a power worth 20 points. (Note that Power with a capital “P” is a specific term in the game, but “power” refers to a special ability.) For each additional 3A, another 10 points can be added to the power. A character is allowed no more than 20A to be spent on the Gifted Trait. This allows for two 20 point powers, or one power worth up to 50 points. (The cost of a power is not related to Attribute or Skill Points used when making your character. The cost is only for determining the value of the power for bookkeeping purposes.)

The powers gained with the Gifted Trait have limitations. First, they will not be available at the start of the campaign. These powers are considered to be latent abilities that the character must learn about as the story progresses, or a future ability that the character will acquire. They will also require a valid background reason, as approved by the GM.

Powers made with the Gifted Trait affect the character only. They are continuously active, although there may be limits that turn it off and on that are outside the character’s control. The ability is not something that the character has any concious control over.

Some examples of being Gifted (although they might not necessarily fit into the Left Field campaign):

  • Being four meters tall
  • Unnaturally high resistance to injury
  • Mental shield

Some examples of Powers (and what your character can definitely not have):

  • Eyes that shoot laser beams
  • Telepathy

Another option is to use the Blessing Trait. The Blessing Trait costs 10A for a small blessing, or 20A for a medium blessing. The Blessing Trait covers any number of effects. The game effect of a small blessing is to subtract 1d from the effect or give +1d to your character’s rolls. For a medium blessing, 2d is subtracted from the effect, or +2d added to your character’s rolls. For example, your character may be resistant to disease or causes undead to shy away. A medium blessing could also represent an advantage that normal people lack, such as longevity. Like the Gifted Trait, the Blessing would not be apparent to the character at the start of the game.

A small blessing does not have to be supernatural or paranormal in nature, but it can be.

Anyone who is interested in the Blessing or Gifted Trait should discuss it with the GM while planning their character.


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