Templeton, Nebraska, was founded near the Missouri River in 1833 by English immigrant John Temple. It began as a fur trading post, and became a central point of trade amongst the local Awetauk Indian tribe and other settlers in the region.

Baptist missionaries arrived to convert the local Indian population. A Mission was built just south of the trading post in 1841. Some of the buildings that made up the mission still stand, almost one hundred years later.

The trading post became a popular stop during the California Gold Rush in the late 1840s.

When Nebraska became a territory in 1854, the population of Templeton grew as more settlers entered the region.

Templeton did not see a large manufacturing boom during World War II. It was home to a small POW camp of German soldiers. In 1946, the medical company Christen Supplies selected Templeton as the location for their Midwest offices and manufacturing. The population of Templeton has grown over the last year to almost 15,000 people.


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