If you are curious about Left Field, please take a look at the Wiki. Newspaper clippings from the Templeton Courier can be found in the Adventure Log.

The year is 1947…

The town of Templeton, Nebraska, is excited about the new baseball season. Their own town is home to the Templeton Knights, and things look promising for the new team of the Midwest League.

Yet something dark and sinister is in the air, even if not everyone can feel it. Where the Knights go, trouble lurks. Robed foreign figures speak in strange tongues, and herds of cattle are mutilated while strange sounds play at night, and the local Awetauk Indians speak of a legendary doom that approaches.

Evil and forgotten secrets wait in the darkness, and only a small band of baseball players are in a position to stop it… as long as they get that league championship first.

Online Adventures

In order to accommodate players scattered across several states (and countries) we will be using OpenRPG, a virtual table top for playing RPGs. It’s all the comforts of a dining room table with friends, but the dice can’t fall to the floor.

I’ve posted installation instructions for OpenRPG, as well as some brief guides on how to use the program’s chat and die rolling features. I’ve finished most of the customizing I plan on doing for OpenRPG, although I would still like to do some work on improving the character sheet to be a little more readable for the EABA system.

Left Field

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