Left Field

Baseball Comes to Templeton

PAGE 8                Templeton Courier                Thursday, Oct. 3, 1946

Baseball comes to Templeton

by Bobbie Bannings

No longer do Templetonians have to drive to St. Louis to get their fix of real baseball. The Midwest League, formed earlier this year, has announced a partnership with Christen Supplies to bring baseball to Templeton. Templeton is the first city selected by the Midwest League as part of their eight team group. “We’re very proud to bring the sport here,” said Mr. Amiel, the regional manager of Christen Supplies. “It is one of the many ways we plan to show our sense of community to Templeton.”

“We are very eager,” said Robert Taylor, commisioner of the Midwest League. A site is being looked at now for the Templeton stadium. A new coach has been selected and is already looking at ball players, but Taylor wanted to make an official announcement next week. He said “our new coach is still looking at potential players and will not be in Templeton for a few more days.” When asked why Templeton was chosen first, Taylor responded that our town “would serve as a guiding light for the choices that would shape the rest of the league.” This reporter is looking forward to it.

Ray Durmont, head man of the National Baseball Congress, was not as happy about teams being formed under the unofficial Midwest League. He said that any ball players jumping contracts to join the Midwest League would find no welcome in semi-pro circles.

There is still some discussion where the remaining seven teams will find their homes, although Taylor has hinted at Minnow Town in Kansas. “Some very nice people there,” he said, “and a shining example of an American small town.”

Amiel Announces Team Name, Park

PAGE 6                Templeton Courier                Monday, Oct. 14, 1946

by Bobbie Bannings

With the announcement from Midwest League fresh on everyone’s minds, Templetonians wanted to know more about their team. Rumors began two weeks about the name Templeton’s new baseball team. Mr. Amiel, regional manager of Christen Supplies, local sponsor of the team, was very pleased to finally make an announcement. “We have talked to many upstanding members of the community,” he said to a packed house at the Templeton High School auditorium. “So many people are eager to help, and I think that’s great.”

“We want our future ball players to be filled with pride at the name Templeton Knights.” There was some scattered applause at this point. “Some men smarter than I talked it over, and they said it’s a noble name that well speak well of Templeton.”

Mr. Amiel himself was smiling as the curtains on stage drew back. Large sketches were on display of the future ballpark. As Mr. Amiel tried to talk further, applause drowned out his voice. “We have big plans,” he said, “Big plans.” He pointed out different pages on stage. “We want nice stands, great grass, and we’ll have a nice location close to businesses. Every Templetonian should feel proud to be a fan.” He told the crowd that construction is to begin as soon as possible.

Mr. Amiel entertained some questions after his speech. Many of the local boys wanted to know if there would be public try outs for the Knights. “To be honest, I sure hope so. We want to get talented ball players, but I know that there is some real talent right here in Templeton. It would be shame if we didn’t use it.”

Mr. Amiel did not know who the Knights’ manager was going to be. He said it was a decision being considered by Robert Taylor, commissioner of the Midwest League. “There will be an announcement as soon as the decision is made,” Mr. Amiel answered.


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