Player Positions

All characters must play one position on the team. If you are not familiar with the positions, they are:

  1. Pitcher (P)
  2. Catcher ( C )
  3. First Base (1B)
  4. Second Base (2B)
  5. Third Base (3B)
  6. Shortstop (SS)
  7. Left Field (LF)
  8. Center Field (CF)
  9. Right Field (RF)

If more than one character is planning to play the same position, and the players can’t decide which one should get the position, then “tryouts” will be held. Each player will make a relevant skill check. The best three out of five earns the position.

The exception to this is the pitcher. There may be more than one pitcher on the team. Pitching is very strenuous, and most teams rotate pitchers during a game. Even then, a pitcher may need a few days to recover. If more than one player wants to be the pitcher, then there will still be tryouts. The player with the best results becomes the starting pitcher, and the other becomes the relief pitcher. A relief pitcher typically pitches less innings, but may pitch more frequently.

(Image taken from Wikimedia Commons.)

Player Positions

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